Activity in Environment and Woods Field

We operate in the field of construction, production and marketing woods; marketing for other data, etc...

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We have implemented several forestry facilities for the period since the foundation of the company, which has created an experience and professionalism for the company.

Profesional Staff

The company has a technical staff from the most successful in the country, being the most qualified in the field of forests.


Conducting forestry with tens of objects all over the country starting in Gjirokastra, Fier, Diber, Bulqize &Mat district. Provide the first seedling (seedlings) for refreshment.


We have the coniferous garden registered in QKL and the relevant environmental permit. We have all the right equipment and the right infrastructure.

Impact on Society

We are a plus factor for the environment

We professionally protect the environment around us, add greening, help the community for new job opportunities and we are close to them with different activities

Finished Projects
Ongoing Projects

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Forest & Environment

Enforcement of the forest area

with priority National Park of “Lura”

+ 50 %
new projects
+ 70 %
- 45 %

what acquisition means

Getting funds for pannels

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