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Main activities are in the field of construction, production and marketing of timber, design and use of forests, marketing of various items; wholesale and retail of various industrial items in different fields; different machineries and equipment; soil works, systematization, terrain terraces, private and public constructions, water supply and sewerage construction; reconstruction of private and public facilities, drainage works construction, soil watering and watering plants, road construction; studies and design of forest works; design of management plans of forests, tourism and pasture hunting; design of afforestation projects; design of forest treatment projects; design of projects for the sustainable use of forests; design of projects for basins management; study of biodiversity and forest genetic reserves; ecosystem of protected areas, national parks, afforestation (seedling, treatment of forest seed, preparatory work and seedling planting); improvement of forest, works in pastures, valleys, etc.


Participation in project designing related to sustainable development of natural resources; Collaboration with international companies, in the forestry and environmental field; Increasing capacity aiming further consolidation of our company; Awareness of community to improve forests and environment as a vital and social resource.


To invest today in afforestation, and help generations in the future breathe easily

Mission Statement: We are leaders on all kinds of forest works, designing and implementing forest projects, afforestation, etc.

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National Park

Activities and Lurimi Squad

ISO 9001 ; 14001 ; 18001

Lurimi has one of the most successful technical staff in the country that has realized major afforestation works in entire country.

Qualified staff in the field of afforestation, provides the raw material (seedlings) for afforestation.

We are certified with the quality certificates such as ISO 9001;14001 and 18001.

Our Team

Forest Engineer

-Phd Candidate/ Engineer 12 Years Experience.Position: Team Leader
-Prof. Dr. 20 years of experience. Position : Forest specialist/ statistical expert
-MSc. 18 years of experience. Position : Biologist, Florist, Botanist
-MSc. 10 years of experience. Position : Forest specialist/ local expert
-MSc. 8 years of experience. Position : Forest specialist/ local expert
-MSc. 10 years of experience. Position : Forest specialist/ local expert
-MSc. 8 years of experience. Position : Forest specialist/ local expert
-MSc. 12 years of experience. Position : Forest specialist/ local expert

Engineers Team

Geodesist Engineer
Engineer. 12 years of experience. Position: GIS

Prof.Dr. 33 years of experience.
Position : Agronomist

Specialist. 39 years of experience. Position : Zootechnic

Sociologist & IT

In our professional team are included also :

Prof. Asoc. Dr. 24 years of experience.
Position : Sociologist / Communication

IT Engineer. 11 years of experience. Position : IT expert

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